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Daily horoscope Aquarius Wednesday August 16, 2017

20 January ~ 19 February
The road you've chosen to take costs you a lot of effort to make things go right. If you set about things in a relaxed way, you're likely to make less mistakes. You need to make an effort to make the positive cosmic influences work for you.
Your physical condition is weakening a bit, that's why you have to be more careful with everything these days. You're inclined to demand too much of yourself and this way you're exhausting your body. Try to sleep during your afternoon break, then you'll remain top dog.
You're facing a decision that didn't seem so very important to you. Many people are seeking your company today and some are even trying to pull you. Today, you'll meet with a lot of understanding.
Take it easy! Take it easy, so you'll avoid getting disappointed. It doesn't matter in whose company you are you are able to give your opinion and reach your goals. Try to be as systematic as possible when it comes to making connections for work, the chance of success will thus be higher.
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