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Daily horoscope Aquarius Saturday October 21, 2017

20 January ~ 19 February
Cooperation gives meaning to your life and makes it more valuable. If you waste your energies on things that aren't worth it, you won't be given this great opportunity you yearn for. You really don't have to plan your life away.
You're taking things off your shopping list, just because someone recommended you to do so. Blended herbal teas can really get you going! Be aware to stay clear of inner unrest. Don't do more than absolutely necessary.
It's important to be a bit reserved right now. Try not to listen to older people, even though they mean well, the advice given may inhibit your personal growth. Enjoy the feelings of love you're feeling today.
Maybe it's time to reconsider your financial situation, every day you're getting more and more in the red. Your sense of enterprise gives wings to all your projects. You're very demanding, even when matters concern yourself.
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