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Daily horoscope Cancer Saturday October 21, 2017

22 June ~ 22 July
Be careful with your energy reserves: you will need them the following weeks. If you'd like to be successful you'll have to analyse yourself continually. Don't take too many risks today.
There are great opportunities to improve your condition in the morning. Physical exercise has a relaxing influence on your brain. Unimportant things, which other people laugh away, you take way too seriously.
When family business is concerned, an old problem will be solved. You're always the driving force behind relationships, because you're clearheaded when times are difficult. If you'd like to be the focus of attention at parties, you'll soon have the opportunity.
Be sure not to pay too much for certain things, you'll have to fight to get your money back. If you're more critical of yourself, people will be more inclined to accept you as a leader. Now is the time to withdraw yourself from daily life.
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