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Daily horoscope Cancer Monday December 11, 2017

22 June ~ 22 July
If you go step by step you'll be successful and know how to influence others. Concentrate on what you're doing. Things may have a turn for the better at work, maybe promotion or a raise in salary is coming your way.
Live a healthy life and don't forget to take the necessary vitamins. Taking a rest will have a positive effect on your nerves and your performance. Try to stay focussed on everything that you have been doing recently without being spasmodically.
Today you'll notice that a small spark will be reignited in your heart. Something unexpected will happen and you'll feel very joyful about it. Try not to put things off until tomorrow.
You feel very self-confident and you're satisfied with yourself and your life. You should stand up for yourself: this will earn you the respect that you need. It will not be difficult for you today to meet certain demands.
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