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Daily horoscope Cancer Monday June 26, 2017

22 June ~ 22 July
The time of excitement, fear and restraint is over. Do everything yourself today. Things may have a turn for the better at work, maybe promotion or a raise in salary is coming your way.
Try to enjoy things more and work less hard. Maybe you should pay a visit to your GP, he will be able to help you. If you want to draw up a work-out for yourself, try to make it as regular as possible.
Don't blame the world for all the difficulties you experience in your life. Try not to criticise your friends too much, they're only trying to help you. Maybe your boy/girlfriend would like it if you would go out and dance with him or her again? Think of something that would surprise the people around you! Why don't you invite people over to your place and have a party? You're at the centre of attention nowadays, people appreciate your company and they pay you a lot of compliments.
This afternoon you'll meet someone privately who'll make a great impression on you. Even though it's in the stars that you'll be successful, you should stay on your guard. There's a good chance you'll be successful in financial matters today.
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