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Daily horoscope Cancer Wednesday August 16, 2017

22 June ~ 22 July
Treat the current situation as a car that needs a test-drive before it can be pushed to the limit. You should take care that you don't become too dominant in relationships, especially with your boy/girlfriend. People would love to help you, if you make clear you need their help.
You're not feeling too well at the moment, and you need a lot of energy and discipline to get your everyday things done. You're going in the right direction. Now is the time to consider how you could better your health structurally.
You could meet somebody today with whom you might start a long-term relationship. Just sit back and enjoy this day! The appointments you've made for the coming days you'll have to take very seriously. Even though a one-night-stand sounds exciting, you should think yourself more valuable.
Since everything you do now will have consequences for your future, you should learn to come up with your own solutions. Stay away from people who promise you big money fast. Don't get carried away by your excitement, you'll overlook things and lose a lot of money.
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