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Daily horoscope Gemini Sunday April 30, 2017

21 May ~ 21 June
Get yourself some goals in life. You're full of energy. Maybe you should do something for someone else more often.
Too many worries could put your health and happiness in jeopardy. If you use your energies wisely, you'll be able to do as much work as you usually do. Avoid anything that may get you down, take a lot of exercise, take a rest and have a good night's sleep.
Destiny has sealed your fate. There's somebody, whom you can always rely on, even though the two of you have had your struggles lately. You shouldn't hasten or force anything today.
You should be aware of your financial situation, quite possibly there's a catastrophe heading your way. Your financial problems of this moment can only be solved by a strict planning and by being patient. You'll be enthusiastic today, especially in late afternoon.
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