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Daily horoscope Gemini Saturday October 21, 2017

21 May ~ 21 June
Grab your chance today to work on your inner stability. If you set about things in a relaxed way, you're likely to make less mistakes. Don't be too demanding for yourself or your environment.
If you're not feeling too well, bring some variation to your life and everything will be fine. It's about time to talk to someone you trust. Mind your health! The fact that you're so contented with your life at the moment, makes that you feel more energetic than usual.
Try to stay positive! Don't let the highlights of today slip through your fingers, especially when love's concerned. Try to sit back and relax more. The people who are making you promises can be trusted.
Although you may not notice it at first, you'll profit from your positive attitude to work in the long run. People are interested in your plans and would like to do business with you on the long term. Have faith in your own intuition.
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