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Daily horoscope Leo Wednesday August 16, 2017

23 July ~ 22 August
It's better you'd wait a bit longer before making that important decision. Don't let yourself be put under pressure, despite the fact there's a lot to do. When your private life is concerned, you'd better be honest than be telling little white lies.
You're going in the right direction. Maybe you should consider the possibility to undertake something with a few people, this will lead to a common goal. Don't overburden your body in any case.
Try to look ahead, that's the best thing you could do at the moment. Nobody expects you to be perfect. At the moment you're making a very good impression on the people around you and this makes that things are going very well for you.
The afternoon and evening are the best time to realise your plans, the morning isn't at all. Keep your eyes open for opportunities of all sorts today. If a deal is really good, it won't get any worse if you take your time.
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