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Daily horoscope Leo Monday December 11, 2017

23 July ~ 22 August
You'll be offered a lot of chances, you only have to grab them. Don't let yourself be knocked off your feet by sudden changes and don't be too ambitious. Challenges are coming your way, and that's just what you need! Engage yourself in the challenge you're facing and try to turn it into a success.
Now is the time for things that involve physical strength and determination, like sports. Even though it's not like you, try to plan your daily activities more accurately the coming days. Because you're so energetic, your body will benefit from it, but also your mind.
Your efforts will be rewarded in the end. Don't believe everything they say, but don't try to be too suspicious either. Try to ignore that troublemaker among your friends.
It might be that you're taking less care of other people's feelings, this could cause trouble. Even though you are really trying to tackle all these tasks that are heaping up, you're still thinking too much of your fellow men. People are encouraging you to participate in important business matters.
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