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Daily horoscope Leo Saturday October 21, 2017

23 July ~ 22 August
You're regaining your inner stability. Don't be tempted into anything by your restlessness, think about your health. Try to find out if your environment accepts your intentions before you take action.
You're very active and you defend your interests well, you can easily stand your ground among people. Maybe you should analyse your own behaviour and try to relax more often. Try to eat some vegetable salads the coming days.
Just be happy with the small things in life, they can give you great pleasure. If your life is very hectic, you'll feel the urge to relax more and you shouldn't ignore this feeling! Try to find some time for relaxation, don't leave it to chance. You are really attractive to a lot of people.
Now is the time to have a close look at what you intend to do. Think of yourself more often, your inner life and health will profit from it. Stay unpretending, however important you are: be reserved and listen to the people around you.
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