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Daily horoscope Libra Saturday October 21, 2017

23 September ~ 22 October
You should go for a compromise. Stay on the road you're on. Everything in life has a meaning, that's why it's useful to let your feelings guide you at the moment.
You're not someone who's afraid of living, normally. Be more careful with your energy reserves and stop overestimating your capacities. You're going in the right direction.
You'll discover a lot about people that you didn't know before. The mood swings you've been having lately may have been a bit too tiring. Try not to be too careless today, because people may make you keep a promise that you've made without thinking about the consequences.
Be flexible, maybe that will lead you to the solution you need. Try to educate yourself, but make arrangements about what work can be done later. You'll get a lot of new impressions and you'll make good friends with certain people.
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