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Daily horoscope Libra Sunday April 30, 2017

23 September ~ 22 October
If you want to reach your goals, you should do it the traditional way. The time of excitement, fear and restraint is over. Other people notice that you're taking more responsibility for things than usual.
Physically you're a bit weak, so you need some proper relaxation. Be more careful with your energy reserves and stop overestimating your capacities. You may be hard to understand for others, at the moment.
You're worrying too much, it's leading you nowhere. You feel an inner drive that you've had to do without for a long time. Because you're enjoying your life, it's easy to make contact with people and it will broaden your horizon.
Have faith in yourself, that's a lot better than relying on others all the time. An administrative problem that has been bothering you for a long time will finally be solved. Even though you find it hard you've got to learn how to say no.
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