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Daily horoscope Libra Wednesday August 16, 2017

23 September ~ 22 October
Everything in life has a meaning, that's why it's useful to let your feelings guide you at the moment. Take your time, the signals from your environment will become clearer if you're patient. You've got a clear view of your goals.
If you'd like to relax more deeply, maybe you should think about taking yoga or meditation lessons. Try to keep into account that your nerves aren't the strongest. Take care not to burden yourself and your body too much.
Your wish can be fulfilled very soon, but don't overlook the possible consequences. Try to stay out of discussions that don't really concern you. You aren't the kind of person who easily commits him or herself.
You should stop and consider before you do certain transactions. You won't get anything in return if you're spending too much money. You speak your mind, without thinking of the consequences.
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