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Daily horoscope Libra Monday June 26, 2017

23 September ~ 22 October
The road you've chosen to take costs you a lot of effort to make things go right. Don't let people who don't mean well bother you too much. You'll have to find out who's important to you and who isn't and take action accordingly.
You're inclined to make rash decisions in the morning, and your determination can become a threat to you. The fact that you're making rash decisions may cause all sorts of accidents, wherever you are. Don't be tempted into demanding too much of your body and soul.
It's your decision if you would like to sustain or even deepen a relationship with someone you know from the past. It may be that you're having problems with people you know from the past. You'll have no hard time solving your problems, your spirit of enterprise will take care of that! It's written in the stars that you'll be very attractive to someone you love today.
This afternoon you'll meet someone privately who'll make a great impression on you. Be sure not to spend more money than you've got on your bank account! The help and attention you'll get today will be quite unexpected. Anything you go for this afternoon will succeed.
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