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Daily horoscope Pisces Saturday October 21, 2017

20 February ~ 20 March
Listen to the voice inside your head, it will tell you what to do in this situation. If you consider your plans well, you'll be successful and become stronger personally. These days your emotional life is at its peak and you're very happy and successful.
Physically you're a bit weak, so you need some proper relaxation. Take life the way it comes. Why don't you introduce a 'fruit and veggies' day in your weekly diet? Eating nothing but fruit for a day will do you good.
It's been long since you've been feeling so good. Be sure to pay some more attention to your love life soon! The cosmic influences will have a beneficial influence on your love life. You're trying very hard to get things going, but you're feeling some resistance.
Today it's all work and no play. It will not be difficult for you today to meet certain demands. In your personal life it may be that there are some implied agreements that are in fact rather unclear.
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