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Daily horoscope Sagittarius Monday December 11, 2017

22 November ~ 21 December
Enjoy life without regretting the chances you missed in the past. Try to be among people you really like. You've just had a very successful period, so now it's time to prepare for some setbacks and think ahead, step by step.
Why don't you read a good book to relax or try to think about absolutely nothing. Don't demand too much of yourself today. Admit defeat if necessary and show your insecurities if you'd like to keep feeling good.
Try to enjoy what love will bring you, but try not to depend on it too much. Unfortunately not everything will succeed today. People put faith in you and therefore it's possible to solve problems instead of ending up in endless discussions.
Everything cuts both ways. New initiatives will be most successful in the early hours of the afternoon. You're making a very good impression and you can defend your views convincingly.
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