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Daily horoscope Sagittarius Wednesday August 16, 2017

22 November ~ 21 December
It's important to be a bit reserved and save your energies so you can make compromises more easily. Do everything yourself today. Why don't you organise something fun? You really need other people to stabilise your inner life.
Don't escape into a world of dreams, illusions or pleasure: this could have a devastating effect on your health. You need to regain your energy, physically as well as mentally. Devote your energies only to things that really matter to you.
Even if you don't get the chance to change your opinion, you should realise that the world doesn't merely revolve around you. Try not to be too careless, otherwise your boy/girlfriend might lose trust in you. Why don't you sit back and relax for a change? Don't put your head in the sand for changes.
It's the right time for taking exams, making mental achievements and difficult decisions. This is a good day for negotiations and making transactions. Because of your enthusiasm, you'll even win over anyone who might be sceptical about your plans.
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