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Daily horoscope Scorpion Saturday October 21, 2017

23 October ~ 21 November
You should try to stay away from people who're very negative. If you need help with what you're doing, you should ask for it. If you let other people share in your (material) riches, you'll be a happier person.
You're feeling a bit stressed out about something. Sports strengthen your natural resistance and are beneficial to your mood. If you demand too much from yourself now, you'll be completely exhausted and become more susceptible to illnesses.
Don't try to reach for the stars, you might fall and get hurt. Just go your own way and don't let others influence you. The people around you appreciate it very much that you're coming out of your shell.
At an informal meeting you may meet people that will be important to you in the future. Whether you are trying your luck at games or at speculation, you'll be lucky. You should be aware of your financial situation, quite possibly there's a catastrophe heading your way.
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