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Daily horoscope Scorpion Monday June 26, 2017

23 October ~ 21 November
If you plan things more carefully, you'll regain your stability and reach your goals without fear. Take care in situations and with people that are unfamiliar to you: one trips more easily over the stones that one doesn't know. If you wait long enough, you'll become stronger and more patient without much effort.
Mind your health! The fact that you're so contented with your life at the moment, makes that you feel more energetic than usual. You're enduring and strong, you're dynamic and very potent. You should be quick and effective in the actions you undertake today.
Because you have harmony in your relationship, it's easier for you to deal with disappointments. Today they're raking up old stories again. Up to now you've been feeling rather sad, but now you can let go of these feelings.
Don't get carried away by your excitement, you'll overlook things and lose a lot of money. Your superb organising skills will help you get everything done today. Your sense of enterprise gives wings to all your projects.
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