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Daily horoscope Taurus Monday June 26, 2017

20 April ~ 20 May
Meditate on the phrase 'THE ART OF LIVING' and try to find out what it means to you, then you can effectively develop yourself. You should try to stay away from people who're very negative. Take care in situations and with people that are unfamiliar to you: one trips more easily over the stones that one doesn't know.
Your good intentions might fail, because you feel less disciplined to carry them out. You're inclined to demand too much of yourself and this way you're exhausting your body. If you need advice, go to professionals, they'll know what's best for you.
You feel open and you make contact with people very easily. Swallow your pride, and try to be a bit more understanding for your boy/girlfriend, he or she is under a lot of pressure. Just be open about your mistakes, that's better for everyone.
Your sense of enterprise gives wings to all your projects. After six in the evening it may be important to go out. Your self-esteem is inspiring to people who don't feel so well.
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