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Daily horoscope Taurus Monday December 11, 2017

20 April ~ 20 May
Today is a day for domestic harmony. Someone could be reaping what you sowed. Don't get distracted from your goals by anything or anyone.
The greatest changes often take place after a period of relative stability. Look out on the streets and with machines and do read safety instructions today. Don't go to extremes today, just take a good rest.
Nobody expects you to be perfect. The mistakes you've made in the past are forgotten and the self-esteem you've regained will move any mountain. Did you know that you've really turned somebody's world upside down? You feel young at heart and you you're your head over romantic fantasies.
This day is perfect for action, but success will still depend on the impression you make on others. After six in the evening it may be important to go out. It doesn't matter what you'll do, you'll be successful anyway.
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