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Daily horoscope Virgo Sunday April 30, 2017

23 August ~ 22 September
Think of your friends and save your energies if you want to be successful. Go and do something with someone who's important to you. Don't let people push you.
Even if you have a busy schedule, it should still be possible to relax a bit. You're enduring and strong, you're dynamic and very potent. If you felt a bit down in the dumps lately, you'll be able to breathe freely again now.
You shouldn't be so demanding, you don't own people. You get to know somebody that will mean a lot to you in the future. Prepare yourself for a few hours of harmony.
Try to make your own decisions! At work you'll have a very nice day. You'll have the best chance of success in private as well as financial matters from the early afternoon until the early evening. You could satisfy yourself by putting your energy in people who are worth it.
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