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Daily horoscope Virgo Monday December 11, 2017

23 August ~ 22 September
Don't be too modest! Don't waste your time and energy with doubtful things. Let other people take their own responsibilities and solve their own problems. If your determination is balanced with your ability to admit your faults, you won't have to have regrets.
Why don't you start a new life? If you're unable to solve a certain problem, you can be sure that other people will help you. Try to get out of the old groove! Get yourself outdoors more often, it'll do you good. Your perfectionism will be damaging to your health in the long run.
It's important to be a bit reserved right now. Someone you really care about is waiting for you to be tender and would like you to come closer. No expenses will be spared to fulfil your dreams and people won't try to hide it from you.
If people ask you for your advice, you should do the best you can. People appreciate what you're doing and that makes you feel good. The secret of long-term success is in the small things of life.
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