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Daily horoscope Virgo Monday June 26, 2017

23 August ~ 22 September
Think about it: usually people look for your weak points before they take you on. The road you've chosen to take costs you a lot of effort to make things go right. Liberate yourself from negative thoughts and stay true to your intentions.
Your health is going up and down. If you'd like to reach for the skies in sports, maybe you should go and climb a mountain or learn how to fly a plane. Try not to think too much about the meaning of life.
You feel it's easier now to come out into the open and you are able to let people in more easily. It may be that you rather not talk about serious matters. You shouldn't worry too much about material possessions in your relationship right now.
Grab your chances. The more careless you are, the more money will slip through your fingers. You've been spending like crazy lately.
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